Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies who have Human Resources Departments consider using outside recruiting firms because their existing staff may not have the time or expertise to effectively source top candidates for critical and difficult to fill positions. Many companies find that traditional recruiting methods  (newspaper ads, job postings, referrals) do not consistently provide success in filling time sensitive and critical openings.

Because today’s candidates can email their resumes with the click of a button, many HR Departments are deluged with resumes that do not fit the mark.Wasted time spent sifting through resumes of job hoppers and candidates that have no relevant experience could be better spent talking to qualified candidates. Companies that outsource this important function find they save a lot of time and get better results working with an industry specific search firm. We guarantee that you will gain access to a broader pool of qualified candidates.

The best candidates are almost always employed and performing the job duties you are trying to fill. This includes those candidates working for a competitor. Top industry talents must be identified and recruited.The few candidates who are seeking opportunities have no effective way of promoting their availability or protecting their confidentiality. Today’s candidates have more employment choices than ever before and the likelihood of them knocking on your door are remote. Today’s successful employers are taking a proactive approach to their staffing needs.

Executive recruiters are cost effective. The benefit of using an executive search firm can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertising campaign, screening and qualifying candidates, operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time, compared to the relative insurance of getting the right person for the job. The use of executive recruiters is an investment in improving the quality of your management team .But even beyond that, the risk of not using executive recruiters is too great. For smaller companies – in which one hiring mistake can have disastrous results – using executive recruiters is sometimes more important than for corporate giants. Hiring an incompetent employee who makes bad decisions can cost a company large sums of money – or worse, its very existence. More than ever before, executive talent is at a premium and can make or break the fortunes of a business. Professional, industry specific executive recruiters can deliver the best talent to your door.

Global HR Korea has clients and candidates in Seoul. Although Korea is our primary focus, we have conducted senior level searches in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Every communication (written and verbal) you have with Global HR Korea is 100% confidential. We never call current employers to verify your employment until we are far along in the process and have your authorization. We advise all candidates that they should always avoid using their employer’s electronic communication systems to communicate about a career search.

Global HR Korea has clients and candidates in Seoul. Although Korea is our primary focus, we have conducted senior level searches in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The candidate doesn’t need to pay the commission charge as well as career counseling process.

Global HR Partners is depended on the guarantee of the confidentiality between the customer and the candidate.  Sure Global HR Partners assures the confidentiality all the facts of application and the processing.

The writing of the first step for preparation change job. The candidate should write the resume by themselves as the rule of assessment for the candidate ability of documentation. However, Global HR Korea does the consulting for the format of the resume and the method of writing the resume.

Although there are some differences according to the characteristic of the company and the open position, the first report of the position usually processes within a week or two weeks, and sometimes within over one month. After that, interview processing will be processed within various periods of time due to the circumstances of the company.

Head Hunting is started for the requested searching of executive position.  However there are many various requested positions in the modern industrial structure for expand request of selection of fit persons. In other word, it is possible to request of searching from new recruits to the top managerial position in high diversified works.